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Success Stories

Allison H. - Windsor

54 years old

Post menopausal


Major concerns: Hypervigilant, chronic intolerance of others, bloating, digestion difficulty, exhaustion, difficulty staying asleep.


Allison came to me with the above concerns. She had a relatively healthy diet and no desire to change eating habits. Her job was stressful and she felt irritated often.  She felt she was unable to relax and have fun. 


After our first session together she already felt lighter and less reactive and slept through the night;  “My husband even noticed that I wasn’t on guard and had a more easy going demeanor.  I also was able to approach my husband with some deep conversation that I had been avoiding. We were able to have effective, intelligent conversation around the topics which really helped. The activity you gave me really allowed me to evaluate what I really wanted in those areas of my life. It was a huge awakening for me.”


After 3 sessions she noticed greatly improved digestion and energy; “Why didn’t I know about this sooner? My digestion has never been better. Why didn’t my doctor ever recommend this?“ 


After our 4th session she reported having so much energy she began decluttering the house and was able to go out with friends on a work night!”  


During our remaining time together she experienced more breakthroughs such as:


Not allowing her work situation to overshadow her personal life. Being able to let some things go that she had no control over and thus feel better about herself. 


Responded to coworkers and friends in an appropriate manner helping to nurture her relationships. She had a greater tolerance and understanding of differences.


Being able to turn down sweet treats that she would normally indulge in  when stressed and  instead, tune into the emotions she was experiencing, addressing it with learned strategies from our time together, rather than with junk food.


"Patty is so cool! She was committed to me and my health and was so easy to talk to.  I felt cared for and validated.  She knows so much about health challenges and fixes that you will be blown away. Her approach is very realistic and her guidance is authentic. You'll be busting through roadblocks like never before on your way to improving your health and way of being. 

Jackie P. - Fort Collins

56 years old



Major concerns:

Bloating, weight gain, anxious

Insomnia, low energy


Jackie came to me with the above concerns. 


After our 1st session she was sleeping 6-8 hours/night. “I’m not sure what you did, but I haven’t slept this good in years.”


After 4 sessions she was no longer feeling like she needed a nap in the afternoon and her digestion improved. “I feel so energized, and look at my belly! It’s not sticking out like it used to. My pants even fit better.” 


After our 6th session she was enjoying feeling more grounded and connected to others in her life. “I have been opening up to friends and family that I feel like I unintentionally disconnected with over the years. I no longer feel anxious about talking to people or sharing my life.”


During our remaining time together she experienced more breakthroughs such as:


“I feel like I am less angry about things outside of my control. That’s good, right?”


“I have been able to go for longer walks and am actually craving getting outside. I just feel better when I can connect with nature…and I never thought I would be saying that.”


“I no longer want much of the junk food that I used to eat daily. It just feels so good to eat things that move me forward and don’t hold me back.


“I enjoy not having to earn my food or feel guilty about food. This has been a game changer.”

Jackie completed 12 weeks of How to Heal in Midlife and renewed for another 12 because she wanted to master more of the Essentials of Optimal Wellness.

"To say that I am transformed through Patty's work and sound healing is an understatement. An old dog really can learn new tricks. I am so thankful to have met Patty and look forward to continuing on this beautiful journey with all I have learned."

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