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Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Three ways I get better sleep!

At least 70 million Americans suffer from sleep problems. 1 in 4 women have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Sleep disruptions are a major cause of accidents and lost productivity, whether at work or home. Learn how to make subtle changes throughout your day that will allow your body to function as it should and get the sleep needed for optimal health.

Nobody likes a sleepless night but there is hope for many of us. Here I tell how I tailor my day to prioritize sleep at night and it has made all the difference in my sleep quality and how I show up in the world.

Tip #1 - Get naked in the sun!

When daylight comes, expose yourself to it! Ideally, it is best to get unfiltered, morning sun on as much of your bare body as possible. While that may sound daunting depending on where you live, it is doable and can even be fun. I found that making it a morning ritual helps. Just outside my back door, I have created a space that is shielded from neighbors and wind. Every morning I step out onto the deck, as I let my dogs out, wearing little to nothing to expose my bare skin and eyes to the light of day. I then just kind of marinate in it for 5- 20 minutes. If it's just too cold I won't stay as long but will pop back out in smaller increments until I get at least 15-20+ minutes of sun/daylight exposure. This helps to set my circadian rhythm (the innate rhythms that the body depends on to function properly) and puts things in motion for the body to do the important work it needs. Hormones are activated, and enzymatic and cellular actions/reactions can begin to take place to keep you feeling optimal. It's not hippie, it's science! :)

Once I had this routine well established, I began seeing a huge improvement in my mood and physical well-being. I now crave this connection with the sun.

Tip #2 - Get naked under the sheets!

It may seem that I am a little obsessed with getting naked. I suppose that could be true but it is really out of necessity. We were born naked, our skin is an organ that was meant to be exposed to touch, temperature changes, light, and more. I'm not saying that I am not thankful for some comfy pajamas or winter wear as the temps change. I have simply come to know that my body feels better when I can let it "be free". We have been so conditioned to cover our bodies that many don't even know what it's like to be comfortably nude. Among other benefits, according to Prevention "....Sleeping in the nude can improve both temperature regulation and sensory cues...improving your sleep quality." 1 Give it a try!

Simply put, when I sleep naked I wake less during the night, and enjoy more REM sleep which helps with my mood, memory, and ability to think and learn.

"Sleeping in the nude can improve both temperature regulation and sensory cues...improving your sleep quality." - Prevention

Tip #3 - Wear glasses!

Ok, you don't have to be naked for this one :) Wear your glasses! I'm not talking about sunglasses or reading glasses. I am talking about blue-blocker glasses! The good ones! Well-made glasses with a red or orange tint that have been designed to block out the disruptive artificial blue light that endangers our health. Wear them after sunset while watching TV or working on any computer or blue-lit device. I even wear them around the house while also keeping artificial light from lamps and light fixtures to a minimum.

Just like the sun signals healthy, natural processes to begin the day, the absence of blue light does the same. Darkness signals the release of melatonin, a hormone that tells our bodies that it is getting close to bedtime, time to sleep. When you fail to block out the blue light, your body continues to get the spectrum of light that keeps it awake and alert, or at least not ready for sleep. This is not what you want if you need and appreciate sleep.

When I first began wearing my blue blocker glasses at night my husband thought I was being ridiculous. After witnessing my sleep transformation it wasn't long before he was wearing his own blue blockers and now won't sit down in front of a screen without them after dark.

Honoring my body

Getting sunshine/daylight, freeing my body from the confines of clothing, and blocking out artificial blue light at night are just a few ways I design my day to ensure that I honor my body's design, optimize bodily processes, and get great sleep. How do you design your day to get better sleep?

Be well ~


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