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Crazy Wise Healing

If you want guidance and support from someone who has experienced and RESOLVED insomnia, weight and digestion issues, fatigue and energy loss, autoimmune and many other disease symptoms then this is the place for you. Your healing can start on this day!

Together, we can focus on your areas of concern and create a new map that may address:

  • Hormonal Changes (Libido, Weight mgt, Skin/hair, Energy+)

  • Dietary Challenges (The best diet for your life, no fad diets)

  • Energy, Sleep, and Rest (Insomnia, Fatigue, Segmented sleep+)

  • Brain and Gut Health (Brain fog, Digestion issues+)

  • Stress and Stress Reduction Strategies (Modern lifestyle and beliefs, Understanding trauma+)

  • Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Disease

  • Mindset & Motivation

  • Aging Well

  • Movement/Exercise

  • And are an individual with specific needs.  

*As a Certified Sleep Science Coach, I often use Gong Sound Healing, energy and light work in my programs when appropriate for the client.  Click below to learn more about healing with The Gong. It is simply an amazing tool to help your body rest and repair. Schedule a call to see how it can improve your sleep and speed the healing process.  


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