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How to Heal in Midlife - 12 wks for Women

It doesn't have to be so hard!


Bloating/bowel issues, weight gain, low energy, poor sleep, unhealthy looking skin...Do you struggle to recognize the woman in the mirror? Your body is communicating with you by the only means it has. Do you feel like you are extremely stressed and your relationships with others are suffering? All of these symptoms, reminding you that you are not aligned with your natural rhythms.


As a Certified Sleep & Health Coach, Certified Sound Healing Facilitator,

I help women 40+ who are fighting menopause and aging poorly, feel anxious, stressed, unfulfilled with low energy, align with their essential, life-giving rhythms to restore zest and vitality so they can live spirited,

energized, and capable of working and playing as their lifestyle and desires command.

 I've  partnered with women suffering with chronic disease,

autoimmune, digestive issues, thyroid and hormone imbalances, weight gain, hyperstressed and distressed, 

and taught them how to align with their natural rhythms, so they could reduce or

eliminate symptoms, and greatly improve their health and well-being and enjoy life again.

If you are ready, I can help you!

My most popular private program to get you moving towards health and happiness is 12 weeks.

Women's Health Alignment, combined with sound healing, is a powerful combo that leads to

a calm, rested mind,  and healthy, aligned body.

My professional support can help eliminate any feelings of

isolation, provide direction and accountability, and can be deeply impactful.

When you know you're not alone in your health challenges,

it can empower you to work through challenges that lead to positive outcomes.

What to Expect: This is a 12 week commitment - meeting once per week per your schedule. We can 

alternate in-person and zoom/phone sessions to make it more convenient if you desire. 

You have daily access to me for additional support between sessions.


  • Learn how many of your lifestyle and daily routines are creating havoc on your natural rhythms, increasing stress and anxiety, and sleep disturbances, all leading to more stress, poor energy, weight gain, and poor health.

  • Gain insight and discover where the blocks are that are keeping you anxious, stressed, unhealthy, and awake.

  • Reconnect with your innate rhythms and realign your mind/body for optimal health.

  • Get SUPPORT while you master techniques and strategies to achieve whole health.

  • Get underneath habitual PATTERNS AND BELIEFS affecting your health and well-being.

  • Regain your ENERGY, reduce or eliminate aches & pains, to play with your kids/dogs/mate, and/or get back to the movement your body/mind/spirit once enjoyed. 

  • Increase VITALITY to continually grow and live a purposeful life.

  • Experience positive changes in MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT that allow you to embody your best self so that you can be present for family and friends and thrive!

  • Create sustainable, long-term change to improve your health and improve your life!


We complete each session with a double gong,  sound healing that fosters healing and deep relaxation, improves your circulation and digestion, reduces or eliminates stress, anxiety, pain plus more.

These sound healing sessions are especially effective and have long lasting positive

benefits that support a balanced nervous system and restorative sleep.

Women reported benefits :


  • Deep, restful sleep often described as "The best sleep of my life." plus...

  • Regained Focus & Clarity

  • Reduced Anxiety & Stress

  • Improved Concentration & Memory

  • Released Negative Emotions

  • Released Trauma

  • Enhanced Creativity

  • Improved Mood

  • Improved Digestion

  • Relieved & Reduced Pain

  • Less Reactive Behavior, More Responsive behavior

  • And So Much More ~


If you suffer from symptoms of menopause,  disordered or segmented sleep, are anxious or stressed, this program is designed for you.

If you feel like your hypervigilance, perfectionism, or overall attitude  is affecting your relationships and your well-being, this program is for you!

If you are losing energy, gaining weight, dealing with gas/bloating/IBS, and/or feeling disenchanted with how you are aging, or how your daily life is unfolding, this program is for you!

Schedule a call to learn how I can help you heal! Start now and learn to thrive again!

Crazy Wise Healing!


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Ready to Invest in Your Health and start living again?

Invest in your health or pay for sickness. Health is a choice. 

Time will pass anyway.  Don't continue down the road of despair.

You have one life to live, do it in whole health! You are worth it!

All costs upfront! No hidden fees or add-ons! 

Programs are 12 weeks because women's health takes time. You didn't "get sick" overnight. You will not heal overnight. 

Sessions meet in person every other week and via zoom or phone weekly or virtually/phone weekly if you live afar. 

Investment includes access to me for extra support in-between scheduled sessions.

Self-Investment for your well-being, your one and only life

$997 until june 23, 2023


Patty is a former, respected teacher, popular Certified Sleep Science Coach, Certified Health & Nutrition Coach, Certified Sound Healer, and CSU Family & Consumer Sciences graduate who helps women heal through midlife. A highly effective teacher, she teaches classes, speaks, and coaches others locally on Sleep Hygiene, Whole Health Achievement, Nutrition & Wellness, Interpersonal Relationships, and Life & Stress Management. She is the owner of Crazy Wise Healing and co-owner of Rocky Mt. Gong Journeys LLC with her husband, Andrew.

Why I do what I do:

A lifelong lover of learning and challenging my brain and body, I enjoy engaging with others on topics surrounding health and wellness and aligning with nature.  I am an avid hiker, nature & dog lover and consumer of holistic health information, a partaker in self-inquiry and spiritual exploration, and an appreciator of the gifts that Earth and our Universe provides. Before all of this however, I was sick. I had multiple medical diagnoses, pain, weight gain and zero energy to live life. 

I became a coach and sound healer after healing from a lifetime of health challenges by learning to align with my natural circadian rhythms, and following a mind, body & spirit road map.  I have helped many shift beliefs and habits and discover the blockages that keep them stuck in "sickness".  I can help you too!


You will be inspired and excited to regain your whole health and live with joy and purpose. It is possible!  Let me support you back into thriving. 



What People Say

As Patty states above she has lived with chronic health issues herself and took the time to educate herself and is now able to help others. I was blown away at her dedication to me as a client. She gave me so much to think about and was truly inspirational during our weekly sessions. Her dedication to you will be awe inspiring."

Mary M.

Veteran Family

Ready for Transformation? 
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The hardest part is getting started. Let me help.

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Inspired Coaching

Every single one of us has patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that can hold us back from achieving optimal health. An experienced coaching professional, I am here to help you in your Whole Health journey. My path to becoming a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach  and eventually a Certified Sleep Science Coach and Certified Sound Healer, arose from my own health/life crisis and the disappointment and frustration of a broken and uninformed health care system.  If this has been your experience, you will be thrilled to know that through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible.


Book a FREE discovery session today to find the change you’ve been seeking. NO HIDDEN CHARGES OR FEES.  My prices are always listed or quoted ahead of time.

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