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Yoga in Bamboo House

"Sound healing through gongs is an ancient, sacred practice capable of healing the mind, body, and soul."

👍 Take a moment to self reflect: 


  • What are my strengths & weaknesses as a woman, partner, friend, etc.? What areas of life am strong? What areas need improvement?  Am I ready to take action?


  • What are my personal and professional goals?  Am I able to set and follow through with short/long term goals for my career and personal life? Am I ready to live with intention?


  • Can I maintain work/life balance?   How does my workload affect my personal life? Does my career overwhelm me?  Can I avoid burnout?


  • Am I authentically supported?  Do I have a reliable support systems in place with people that understand my needs and help me gain perspective? Can I connect with them as needed?


  • Am I HONESTLY acknowledging and CARING for my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? Does my activity level, daily routines, eating habits, emotional and mental states, relationships, and sleep patterns add to or subtract from my well-being?  Can I to tune into my mind, body, and spirit needs and take action where warranted? Do I feel physically unwell?


  • Do I experience joy often in my life?   Am I often able to practice and participate in hobbies and interests that spark creativity, elicit happiness, foster connection and balance?



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Sound Heals -

When I added sound healing, a 5000 year old practice, to my toolbox, it boosted the effects of all my alignment work, accelerating the healing process! It literally was the icing on the cake! It has made a huge difference in the outcomes that my clients experience as well! I am passionate about educating and guiding others on the incredible healing benefits of sound, especially through gongs! When we use the right sound frequencies, the body and mind will heal because that's what it is designed to do. Check out my sister site where I transform with sound.

The Challenges of Midlife Call for Support 

My focus on midlife women came out of my own frustration with how poorly women of a certain age are treated, and /or dismissed within our healthcare system.  The only advice many of us are given is to eat less, exercise more, and take a certain class of pharmaceuticals.  This advice is often not helpful for many of us, and in fact, can cause you more struggle and frustration in the long term.  

I help women facing midlife challenges to release stress, restore body balance so that they can live an energized, active, healthy life and achieve their desired work and play goals.

Consistency is the heartbeat ~

Join me for better well-being.

With respect for the journey,



What you are feeling is real and it is profound, and it is important.

🕊 Do you feel there is something keeping you from doing and/or feeling your best?

🕊 Do you have a chronic health condition that you're unable to manage?

🕊 Are you using unhealthy means to soothe your discomfort?

🕊 Are you feeling hypervigilant, overreactive, overwhelmed or disenchanted, disconnected from self and others?

🕊 Would you like to soften the impact that modern life has on you?

🕊 What if you could begin to feel better by something you do just once per week?

🕊 Are you willing to commit to ONE DAY per week to change your life? This one day creates positive ripples throughout the rest of your week, month, year.  And, not only will it have positive effects on your life, but those you love and interact.  Our time spent together actually buys you time, and becomes a gift to others. 

🕊 This program can help for about the cost of a weekend retreat or less! 


Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love a good, day or weekend wellness retreat!  They are great for relaxing and getting some clarity or having aha moments but oftentimes they just don't provide the momentum to bring forth real change.  There is typically no follow-up or expert guidance once the retreat ends.  My program provides the guidance and longer term support to help you create sustainable change to improve your well-being for less than the cost of many of those weekend retreats.

The healing gongs at my foothills studio - Rocky Mountain Gong Journeys

This program is for you:

❤️ If you want to experience POSITIVE CHANGES in MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT to allow you to embody your best self so that you can be present for family and friends and thrive, this program is for you!


❤️If you are looking for a way to connect, have impactful conversations, grow your toolbox of resources around health, wellness and the challenges of being a woman in this modern world, this program is for you. 


❤️ Reconnect with your innate rhythms to REALIGN your mind/body for optimal whole, mind, body and spirit health.​


❤️ Regain your ENERGY, reduce or eliminate the blocks so that you can play with your kids/dogs/mate, and/or get back to the movement your body/mind/spirit once enjoyed. 


❤️ Increase VITALITY & grow and live a more intentional life.


❤️ Experience positive changes in MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT to allow you to embody your best self so that you can be present for family and friends and thrive!

Mary, Missouri

As Patty states she has lived with chronic health issues herself and took the time to educate herself and is now able to help others. I was blown away at her dedication to me as a client. She gave me so much to think about and was truly inspirational during our weekly sessions. Her dedication to you will be awe inspiring."

Sherry, Colorado

Patty is very passionate and knowledgeable about overall health. This experience is highly recommended.

Rachel, Colorado

Patty is a wealth of information. She is adept at listening and helping you uncover the real issues holding you back.  I cannot believe the changes I have been able to make.  My health and well-being have greatly improved and I am forever grateful.
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